Appendix D: Pictorial index to ncargex

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The graphics shown in this appendix are the most descriptive frame of each example available via the ncargex command. They are shown here so you can quickly locate code that produces output similar to what you need for visualizing your data.

To use this index, scan all the graphics and note the names of examples that may be useful to you. Working in an appropriate local directory, execute:

ncargex example_name
where example_name is the name printed under the graphic. This makes a local copy of the example source code, compiles and links the source file(s), runs the executable, and produces an NCAR CGM (NCGM) that you can examine with a viewer such as idt. For more information, execute:
man ncargex
man idt
Many users supply their own data and modify the source code of these examples as a shortcut to writing their own NCAR Graphics program from scratch. A strategy for using this approach is outlined in one of the chapters in this guide: Five quick steps for creating and viewing your plot, see step 2.

Some examples have multiple frames, therefore, we suggest that you view a particular example NCGM by using the ncargex command to determine how well it might meet your needs.

The examples are organized alphabetically by major utilities. Within the utilities, the examples are arranged alphabetically. Some examples are duplicated in more than one utility. For instance, the "cbex01" example is located in both the Conpack and the Bivar sections because it is an example of both. Click on any graphic below to see a list of all the examples associated with that particular utility.

Areas            Autograph
Bivar            Colconv
Conpack          Dashline
Dashpack         Ezmap
Field Flows      Gflash
GKS              Gridall
Histogram        Isosurface
Labelbar         Ngmisc
Plotchar         Polypack
Scrolled Title   Softfill
SPPS             Streamlines
Surface          Tdpack
Threed           Vectors
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