NCAR Graphics Fundamentals

Unix Version 4.x

Welcome to the NCAR Graphics Fundamentals documentation.

Preface and detailed table of contents

Chapter 1: Overview of functionality

Chapter 2: Five quick steps for creating and viewing your plot

Chapter 3: Writing a graphics program

Chapter 4: Viewing and editing your CGMs and raster images

Chapter 5: Introducing the tutorial chapters

Chapter 6: What you need to know about GKS workstations

Chapter 7: Color tables and color mapping systems

Chapter 8: Coordinate systems in NCAR Graphics

Chapter 9: Drawing points, markers, and filled dots

Chapter 10: Drawing lines and curves

Chapter 11: Drawing text and symbols

Chapter 12: Portable raster images (cell arrays)

Chapter 13: Area filling with GKS and Softfill

Chapter 14: Drawing label bars

Chapter 15: Drawing axes, perimeters, and grids

Chapter 16: Drawing graphs with Autograph

Chapter 17: Creating bar charts using the Histogram utility

Chapter 18: Field flows

Chapter 19: Drawing 3-D objects

Chapter 20: Drawing surfaces and isosurfaces

Chapter 21: Movie titles


Appendix A: The use of X/Y coordinates in NCAR Graphics

Appendix B: UNIX environment variables

Appendix C: User entry points and functions

Appendix D: Pictorial index to ncargex