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NCAR Graphics examples

NCAR Graphics mainly consists of over two dozen Fortran/C utilities for drawing contours, maps, vectors, streamlines, weather maps, surfaces, histograms, X/Y plots, annotations, and more. It also contains a collection of interpolators and approximators for one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional data.

There are hundreds of NCAR Graphics examples available. Once you download and install NCAR Graphics, you can see a list of all the examples by running the ncargex script:

    ncargex -A -list
You can also get a list of all the examples associated with a particular package. To do this, type:
    ncargex -xxxx -list
where xxxx is the name of a package. For example:
    ncargex -conpackt -list
    ncargex -vectors -list
    ncargex -natgrid -list
Then, to copy, compile, and run one of these examples, type:
    ncargex xxxx
where xxxx is the name of one of the examples. For example:
    ncargex cpex08
See the section "Five quick steps for creating and viewing your plot" in the NCAR Graphics Fundamentals for more information on generating examples or writing your own NCAR Graphics programs.

Below are some thumbnail examples of what NCAR Graphics can produce. Click on any one of the thumbnails to enlarge it, or the Fortran/C file to download the source code for the example. Some of the examples contain more than one frame, but only one frame is shown.

XY plots contour plots triangular meshes vector plots
streamline plots Ngmath examples map plots 3-dimensional plots
weather maps surface plots histograms annotations
GKS examples scrolled title examples grid examples misc examples

XY line plot examples (part of the Autograph package)

agex06.f agex07.f agex11.f agex12.f

Contour plot examples (part of the Conpack package)

cpex15.f cpex16.f

Contour, Vector, and Streamline Triangular mesh examples (part of the Conpackt and Vaspackt packages)

ctcbay.f ctiscp.f ctorca.f
vtex01.f vtex02.f vtex03.f

Vector plot examples (part of the Vectors package)


Streamline plot examples (part of the Streamlines package)


Ngmath examples (part of the Ngmath package)

csex04.f cssex02.f dsex02.f ftex01.f nnex07.f shex01.f

Map plot examples (part of the Ezmap package)

mpex11.f mpex11.f** mpex13.f***

** - Modify mpex11.f and change "Earth..2" to "Earth..3" to get a similar plot.

*** - This example requires that you have the RANGS/GSHHS database installed.

Three-dimensional plot examples (part of the Tdpack package)

tdex02.f tdex04.f c_tdex01.c tdex07.f tdex08.f

Weather map examples (part of the Wmap package)

wmex06.f wmex09.f wmex11.f wmex14.f

Surface plot examples (part of the Surface package)


Histogram examples (part of the deprecated Histgr package)


Annotation examples (part of the Plotchar package)


GKS examples (part of the GKS package)

pgkex02.f pgkex06.f pgkex07.f pgkex10.f pgkex17.f pgkex18.f

Scrolled title examples (part of the Stitle package)


Grid examples (part of the Gridal package)


Miscellaneous examples (color manipulation, logos)

coex02.f coex03.f miex01.f

See "Color tables and color mapping systems" for information on manipulating color tables in NCAR Graphics.

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