LLU Contouring and Mapping Tutorial

NCAR Graphics UNIX version 4.0.1

Preface and detailed table of contents

A short introduction

Using Areas - table of contents

Ar 1. What is Areas?
Ar 2. Initializing Areas
Ar 3. Producing results using Areas
Ar 4. Debugging Areas
Ar 5. Areas parameter descriptions

Using Ezmap - table of contents

Mp 1. What is Ezmap?
Mp 2. Getting set up
Mp 3. Simple maps
Mp 4. Producing maps with masking or filled areas
Mp 5. Points, lines, and inverse transformations
Mp 6. Table of Ezmap area identifiers
Mp 7. Ezmap parameter descriptions

Using Conpack - table of contents

Cp 1. What is Conpack?
Cp 2. Background for your plots
Cp 3. Initializing Conpack
Cp 4. Contour line basics
Cp 5. Filling contour levels
Cp 6. Contour line labels
Cp 7. General labels
Cp 8. Overlaying filled contours on a map
Cp 9. Advanced topics
Cp 10. Conpack parameter descriptions