Natural Neighbor Linear Interpolation

Simplest usage

The easiest way to use Natgrid is to do natural neighbor linear interpolation. For a discussion of natural neighbor linear interpolation, review the section in the introduction on the interpolation method used in Natgrid.

If the default settings for the control parameters are what you want, then you can do natural neighbor linear interpolation by invoking a single procedure. Example 1 presents a simple natural neighbor linear interpolation; it provides codes using all four of the user interfaces.

Smoothness and efficiency considerations

If you have a relatively large number of input data points (like a few hundred or more), then natural neighbor linear interpolation may produce a satisfactorily smooth surface for you. Doing natural neighbor linear interpolation is much less expensive than augmenting it, for appearance, by blending in gradient estimates (as described in the module Natural neighbor non-linear interpolation). See the module on efficiency considerations for details on efficiency.
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