Dsgrid 2D interpolation

A word of advice

The interpolation algorithm in the Natgrid package is greatly superior to that used in Dsgrid. The Natgrid package also has more options available such as smoothing parameters, prevention of extrapolation, the forcing of non-negative values, and the computation of slopes and aspects. For 2D interpolation it is advised that you use Natgrid, unless you have some specific desire to use the algorithm in Dsgrid.

Using Dsgrid for 2D interpolation

Using the 2D procedures in Dsgrid (listed in the table of procedures) is entirely analogous to using the 3D procedures. Reading the module on 3D interpolation will be sufficient in instructing you on how to use the 2D procedures.

The examples module presents several examples of using Dsgrid to interpolate in two dimensions.

Single point mode for 2D

The Fortran procedures for this are DSPNT2S and DSPNT2D; and the equivalent C procedures are c_dspnt2s and c_dspnt2d.
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