Error table

The following table lists all of the error numbers and the associated error messages in the cssgrid package:

Error number Error message
0 No error.
1 Invalid number of input points (must be greater than 3).
2 Invalid dimension for latitudes in the output grid.
3 Invalid dimension for longitudes in the output grid.
4 First three nodes of input array are collinear.
5 Extrapolation failed due to the uniform grid extending too far beyond the triangulation boundary.
6 Internal algorithm error - please report this.
7 Vertex of a triangle containing an interpolation point is outside its valid range.
8 The angular distance between an interpolated point and the nearest point of the triangulation is at least 90 degrees.
9 Not enough input points to calculate a gradient.
10 Insufficient space for the triangulation (must be >= number of boundary nodes minus 2).
11 Degenerate triangle (two vertices lie on same geodesic).
-L Coordinates L and M coincide for some M > L >= 1 (coordinate numbering starting at 1).

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