What is GKS?
NCAR Graphics and GKS
The GKS Documentation Modules
GKS Output Primitives
Fill Area
Cell Array
Inquiry Functions
GKS Errors

Coordinate Systems

GKS Coordinate Systems
World Coordinates
Normalized Device Coordinates
Normalization Transformations
NCAR Graphics Coordinate Systems
User Coordinates
Plotter Address Units as Absolute Lengths

Workstation Functions

Definition of a GKS Workstation
Workstation Types
Workstation Categories
Open and Close GKS
Opening GKS, opening and activating workstations
Closing GKS, deactivating and closing workstations
Updating a Workstation
Clearing a Workstation
Inquiry Functions
Get the Open Status of GKS

Normalization Transformations and Clipping

Normalization Transformations
Inquiry Functions
Get the Number of Supported Normalization Transformations
Get the Number of the Current Normalization Transformation
Get the Window and Viewport Associated with Transformation
Get the Clipping Rectangle and Clipping Indicator

GKS-0A Output Primitives

The Polyline Output Primitive
Setting Polyline Output Attributes
Set Line Type
Set Linewidth Scale Factor
Polyline Inquiry Functions
Get the Line Type
Get the Linewidth Scale Factor
The Polymarker Output Primitive
Setting Polymarker Output Attributes
Set Polymarker Type
Set Polymarker Size Scale Factor
Polymarker Inquiry Functions
Get the Polymarker Type
Get the Polymarker Size Scale Factor
Text Output Primitive
Setting Text Output Attributes
Set Text Path
Set Text Alignment
Table 1. Normal Text Alignments Relative to Text Path
Set Text Font and Precision
Set Character Height
Set Character Spacing
Set Character Up Vector
Set Character Expansion Factor
Text Inquiry Functions
Get the Text Path
Get the Text Alignment
Get the Text Font and Precision
Get the Character Height
Get the Character Spacing
Get the Character Up Vector
Get the Character Expansion Factor
Fill Area
Filled Area Output Primitive
Setting Fill Area Output Attributes
Set Fill Area Interior Style
Set Fill Area Style Index
Fill Area Inquiry Functions
Get the Fill Area Interior Style
Get the Fill Area Style Index
Cell Array

Output related topics
Aspect Source Flags (ASFs)
Set Aspect Source Flags
Inquire Aspect Source Flags
Escape Functions


Setting Color Attributes
Set Color Representation
Set Polyline Color Index
Set Polymarker Color Index
Set Text Color Index
Set Fill Area Color Index
Color Inquiry Functions
Get the Color Representation
Get the Polyline Color Index
Get the Polymarker Color Index
Get the Text Color Index
Get the Fill Area Color Index

X11 Output from NCAR GKS

What is X11?
Interactive Display
Producing X11 Output from NCAR GKS
GKS Workstation Types for X11 output
GKS ESCAPE functions controlling X11 Output
X Color Model
Percent Color Error

PostScript Output from NCAR GKS

What is PostScript?
File formats
Recent revisions, level 2
Producing PostScript Output from NCAR GKS
GKS Workstation Types for PostScript output
Output file names
Utility Function for Selecting PostScript Workstation Types
Simultaneously Active PostScript Workstations
Note on EPSI output
Accessing PostScript fonts
Cell array translation
GKS ESCAPE functions controlling PostScript Output
Positioning output on the page
Using the full page
Notes on page positioning parameters:
Overriding Default File Names
Background color
Line style attributes
Line joins
Line caps
Miter limits
Line widths
Size of the operand stack
Maximum number of points in a path
Specifying spacing between software fill lines
Specifying spacing between hatch pattern lines
Specifying the user coordinate space resolution

PDF Output from NCAR GKS

What is PDF?
Producing PDF Output from NCAR GKS
GKS Workstation Types for PDF output
Output file names
Simultaneously Active PDF Workstations
Accessing PDF fonts
GKS ESCAPE functions controlling PDF Output
Positioning output on the page
Using the full page
Notes on page positioning parameters:
Overriding Default File Names
Background color
Line style attributes
Line joins
Line caps
Miter limits
Line widths

SPPS Functions

Open and Close GKS
Normalization Transformations
Inquiry Functions
Normalization Transformations

Utility Functions

NGCKOP - check open status of workstation
NGDOTS - draw dots or circles
NGMFTC - temporary close of workstation
NGPICT - picture sequencing control
NGREOP - reopen metafile
NGSRAT - save/restore/set attribute values

Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Getting All of Your Output
Output Attributes Changing at the Wrong Time
Getting the Font You Want
The Dot Polymarker Cannot be Scaled
Positioning Characters Where You Want Them



Appendix A. Codes Used to Generate Graphics for GKS Documentation
Appendix B. NCAR GKS-0A Subroutine Subset
Table B1. NCAR GKS Fortran Calls in This Document
Table B2. NCAR GKS C Calls in This Document
Appendix C. C Type Definitions Defined in gks.h.
Environmental type definitions.
Other type definitions.
Appendix D. NCAR GKS-0A Error Messages
NCAR GKS-0A Error List
Appendix E. Supplemental Documentation
Learning More about GKS
Ordering SCD documentation
Consulting Support

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